We’ve all wished, sooner or later, to be filmed at a particular moment in our life.
In Play, Anthony Marciano’s third movie, Max (Max Boublil) is thirteen when he is given his first video camera, and he doesn’t stop filming for the next twenty-five years, to his friends and family’s despair. Almost all his life is packed in his videotapes, from the simplest conversations to the most crucial moments – and if THAT isn’t blackmail material!
However, after seeing this delightful movie, I found myself wondering which moments in a life were worth reviewing – leaving aside the obvious: birth, wedding, death (there’s always someone here to take photographs anyway).
So here’s my top 4 moments that should have been filmed in a life!

Moment 4: the glass that fell and shattered in the cafeteria in high school.

Yup. It’s definitely not the sexiest time of a life, and people in high schools can be really… annoying. They’re eating, and all of a sudden, they are all yelling and clapping like you became the world most famous attraction. My point is, if that moment was filmed, you could review it and reconsider your life: if you have been able to survive the jungle that is school, you’re able to overcome all your problems.

Moment 3: that awful dinner at your grandma’s.

Do you remember that time when all your family was reunited around a dinner table, and suddenly, your despicable and busybody aunt asks you who’s that beautiful girl on your phone’s lock screen? That day, you won an award in the snake category for deflecting everyone to your sister.
If that moment was caught on tape, you would have been able to remember it precisely and relax during that time when the CIA came to question you: after all, you passed the world greatest torturing test: the family dinner.

Moment 2: that time your cat was scared of a bird.

Even the fearless warrior can be scared. How much you wished you had a phone to record that afternoon, when you were reading outside, the cat sleeping next to you, and then, that bird landed just next to his head. The cat jolted so far he fell into the pool. Ah, how funny things were back then… thinking of it is always a good way to cheer up, but you’d give everything to watch your cat’s face again.

Moment 1: that fall in the stairs that became a flip.

Why is it always in your greatest moments that you’re alone? That time, you were hand-full with glasses of water, going down the stairs, and you tripped over your own foot. And then – you jumped, like Neo in Matrix, did a flip, landed at the bottom of the stairs, and managed not to break your leg or the glasses. There wasn’t even a drop of water on the stairs!
The next day, when you told that to your friends, no one believed you. It’s so hard to prove you’re a superhero when you don’t have any proof!

Mathilde Rozec

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